Friday, April 16, 2010

To much love to be a review: The Avett Brothers

 not sure who took this photo but it's from a random internet search.  Good job You.
So I had in mind to write a review. To tell you all about what it was like to see the Avett Brothers live.
However, that kind of seems lame! I don’t even read reviews!  I do like stories though, and so I am going to tell you a story and its not going to be about the show. It will be all about the music of the Avett brothers and how I’m in to it.

Sitting somber desperate to fill my ears and soul with something distracting, I skimmed through all folders on his ipod. I finally hit playlists.

“Songs for me and my girlie.”
My heart hit the back of my rib my cage.
Song 1: Swept Me Away (sentimental version) – The Avett Brothers.
What followed was a bunch of instrumental jazz music, some Etta James…. and, actually just a lot of jazz music and songs from the 60s. Hmm.

Although I had listened to the Avett Brothers numerous times before, from this time on I heard their music in a whole different way (Ever feel like your life has a soundtrack!?). Their songs would be the markers for so many events in my life, with their lyrics often causing me to consider many things of the heart.

Left on Laura Left on Lisa - Four Thieves Gone.  After seeing it performed, just banjo and voice, always reminds me of Alaska

Living of Love – Introducing Emotionalism. I would listen to it whenever I felt like bitterness would begin to creep into my heart.

Gift for Melody Anne – Mignonette. Helped me to not make some real dumb arse decisions.

And now. Weight of Lies, another from the album Introducing Emotionalism. It's helping me realize I cannot run away, it never works.

These are not even my favourite songs these are just the songs that have seared my heart. For me, The Avett Brothers are stories and soul. I will risk it and say I feel their lyrics are true. They are not just words artistically placed in verse and chorus to sound cool. They are words that have been lived. That’s how I like my music. A story, an insight, something to take me away.

Listen to this band. I would suggest to start with The Gleam, Second Gleam and Carolina Jubilee. I feel you get a good mix if you were to start with these three. However Introducing Emotionalism and Mignonette are super popular, as will be their latest, I and Love and You.

My favourite is Four Thieves Gone.

The end!

Oh, in regards to the show, the cello player.. in the words of my friend Emily, 

 “Gods gift to the cello?!?”

See them when they come to your town.

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  1. christina, this has inspired me to listen to the avett brothers more...and really listen to the lyrics, not just listen to them b/c they seem to be getting popular.