Sunday, May 9, 2010

Get to know beauty, it wants to tell you something.

Fairbanks, Alaska.
Trying to creatively write this last two weeks has been like trying to force a bird to swim…. Nothing natural about it.
I thought I would be overflowing with ideas and observations, when in actuality my mind has been….. empty.
Whether it is the jet lag or the transition into a new season, I have not caught a thought thats expanded this heart and caused my fingers to run furiously over this key board.
Not without trying though.

I’m in a place made famous for its beauty, surrounded by at least 11 different cultures everyday and my brother just got a smiley face tattoo on his big toe. I have observed plenty and processed much, but never been compelled to express. Its unlike me. I usually type my thoughts out, but I lay here now pen in hand with paper catching thoughts hoping that the return to the good old way of writing will help.

But as I consider my frustration, I am led to believe that the reason my creative writing well had been dry is that lately I have been refreshing myself from the well of knowledge. I’m currently in school and this is the first week of the quarter. I believe I have read more and learnt more this week than I have in the last 2 months. I’m hungry to learn and my favourite topics are at hand: humanity and science.

One of my favourite writers C.S Lewis comments that “the tasks of the modern educator is not to cut down trees but to irrigate deserts”. Yehp. I feel like everything I have ever produced before now has been grown in the desert, but with this current “irrigation” of knowledge replenishing my world, I feel my next fruits will be far sweeter, rich and filling.

It's as though I’ve been able admire a butterfly for its beauty and grace but attained knowledge has led me to understand that this certain butterfly travels over thousands of miles to hibernate for 4 months in the frost only to awake, start to fly back from where it came, reproduce somewhere on the way back, and actually never make it home cause it dies. But yet the next generation repeats the .This knowledge has given beauty layers, depth and dimension.

Same again seeing the poverty striken parts of Africa on the tv. Although not sightly beautiful...the beauty of empathy and emotion reveal the injustice in to my heart and I am bummed right!?  However the knowledge gives insight that 20% of western societies consume 86% of the worlds good. (Now im just ticked off !). Knowledge has revealed to me just how unnecessary their suffering is, how $1 a day $30 a month really is nothing compared to what I have around me. its given my empathy and emotion validity and more understanding of what it is I am actually recognizing as unjust.

How much more deliberate is love when you have knowledge and understanding?

How much more easier it is to appreciate the world around us with knowledge and understanding?

I believe the deliberate pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is like adding lenses to your sight. You'll be able to experience a more expressive, rich, and full life; not missing depth, detail, or purpose.

There is always more to know and it's more often than not worth finding out.
See life as a incomprehensible mastepiece and its desperate to show you more.

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