Friday, August 6, 2010

something constant

we all want something that will last. that's why "a diamond is forever" and Ford is "like a rock" and a Nalgene has a lifetime guarantee

most of us spend a lot of time trying to find or create something permanent. something that just won't change, won't leave. maybe a relationship, or a job, or a look, or a feeling, or a lifestyle, or even an ever-possible "way out". if all the world crumbles, at the end of the day we want to say, "at least i've still got _______". 

because something inside of us instinctively yearns for a constant, a plumb line.

but a diamond is only forever if you always wear the ring. and ford is like a rock until you crash into a tree. and it's a good thing there was a guarantee because that nalgene is in a dozen pieces on the asphalt.

sometimes all the things we hoped would never change...change. like on the way from point A to point B, point B disappears altogether, and the path you followed blends in with everything around it. and you're left with just you. standing there. uncertain of where to go now, and how to get there.

i need something i can count on more than a diamond and more than a ford and more than a nalgene. i need something under my feet that i know will always hold me, and a covenant that does more than slip on to my finger. 
i need something more solid than the earth itself. 
i need something etched in my skin and burned on my heart. 
i need something that won't leave me even if i run from it.

and i found it.