Wednesday, August 24, 2011

chad finds a new home

Today I had to find a home for mine and my housemates baby, Chad he is a rabbit. I took him home to my mums which is about an hour away, my brother took to him instantly. Chad will get to share the home with my mum, brother, zoe mac zozo also known as mastersplinter and my mums ever growing garden of succulents ( my hometown had water restriction which caused mum to only grow plants that do not require watering)
Meet Chad

i dont require water

nor do i
its a jungle
its a home

mum and chad

brother and his plate of chicken nuggets that he ate for lunch

meet zoe
she is cooler than your average dog.

"bye mum"

bye mum!

1 comment:

  1. ahhh i looooove these!! i love that you're using
    your camera more! did i tell you that ev's
    younger sister got a bunny too! he's brown & fiesty,
    i like him. his previous owners named him toffee
    but i call him dusty. we should probably make a
    bunny club of some kind...