Monday, August 22, 2011

odd job #1

on wednesday, i'm working with a non-profit event that builds bikes for little kids.  The way it works is the non-profit goes to a company for a day and the employees are divided into teams.  The teams compete to get the parts they need, build two bikes per team, and then race them around to make sure they were put together correctly (plus a technician checks them out).  The bikes are then donated to a children's charity. I am not at all the do-gooder in this scenario---just the person who responded to a Craigslist ad to fill the need for some workers for the day, but I'm pretty excited to get paid to be a part of something as fun as that!  Plus the money is going towards my ticket back to australia, so it's all going to good things.   To go with this posting, here are some cute drawings of bikes which google images has a ton of.

though lets be honest, the bikes they make are not going to be this cute.

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