Sunday, December 11, 2011

feeling that gingerbread feeling

more pictures from my house in ohio at christmas.  just because I can.  And because, like in the words of songs from home alone, I want you to 'feel that gingerbread feeling'.

we normally put up two trees. this picture is the slightly more ghetto tree.  the village is a pop-up book, it has the macaroni ornaments and the ones made out of colored paper that my mom doesn't like putting on the extra nice tree.

a fun thing about my dad is that he makes a point to decorate the back yard as well.  His thinking is that you can't see your front yard in most of the house, so he decorates the back so when you're washing the dishes, or sitting at the kitchen table, you can look out at lights.  The lit up deer were considered too cheesy for the front yard, but perfect for the back.  He put in a little pond this year and in the pictures I've seen of this years backyard, the little fake deer are drinking out of the pond.  good stuff.  

SIDE NOTE:  everyone.  download the home alone movie medley.  holy cow, that's some heartwarming stuff. Thankfully I've also included it on this blog so you can listen to it RIGHT HERE. 

SIDE NOTE 2:  Have you watched the video of Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber singing 'All I Want for Christmas is You?'  Mariah is pretty sketch in, really innappropriate considering Justin is 17, but at the same time, I personally find it really hard to dislike Mariah Carey.  

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