Saturday, December 3, 2011


In Australia, the month of november is fondly known as 'movember'.  In the states some people do 'no-shave november', but it's kind of informal.  In Australia, it's something very, very official.  The whole nation participates in 'Movember' where the guys grow out their 'mo's' and raise money for prostate cancer research.  You can upload your photo to the official website and people can sponsor your mustache.  If you don't believe me, you can check out the website:  Movember Australia.  

The guys in the house we live in always get on board.  I didn't get the best photos of the mustaches and some of the guys hadn't trimmed up the rest of their facial hair recently...but you'll definitely get the idea. 

Take a moment to admire some mo's.

Mr. Jesse Lee (USA)

Mr. Sam Street (Australia)

Mr. Andreas from Sweden

Mr. Josh Irwin (Australia) and Mr. Stevie Lujan (Hawaii/Australia)
Mr. Jeff...something (Hawaii)

Mr. Jack Narvel (USA)

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