Monday, November 28, 2011

hanging with the gaffneys

eating breakfast

mrs gaffney

walk on the beach

daniel and his sister alyssa     

on Sunday morning, i got to hang out with a really great family.  Back in 2006, I staffed Daniels DTS and we went to Fiji for our outreach.  He had a great school with this particularly great group of guys.  Daniel lives in Canberra, Australia and even though it's been 5 years, we still get to hang out every now and then!  This time it included almost his entire family which was even better.  They took me to breakfast at a great cafe and then we walked to the beach.  The whole time I got encouraged by what Daniel's doing with his life.  He's an at risk youth worker in his city, as well as a leader at a youth group and he is going for it!  These are a few snapshots of our morning!

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  1. whoaaa!! I'm so incredibly jealous of this! I miss daniel so much. these were lovely photos and a nice caption. It's great to see that he and his family is doing well and that you got to spend time with them. I can almost feel the warmth all the way over here where it's steadily getting colder! brrr. (p.s now that I know of this blog I will check it often)