Friday, November 18, 2011

stories from the side of the road (#1)

So.  There's something Christina and I, and a few others secretly really love. Twice a year, every suberb around us has their designated large item trash pick up from the city council.  You can put out items like televisions, old fridges, couches, tables, lamps, etc. Being the economical, thrifty, not wanting to consume more than what we need people we are, we've found these weekends are great for getting furniture items we need for our houses and rooms.  

It looks like this:  Around 10pm on a Sunday night, we head out to the designated area, drive around and look at the tree lawns.  Items I'm specifically looking for right now are:  a t.v. stand, a set of drawers for the end of my bed, and more chairs for our kitchen table.  Items we've found in the past are:  my kitchen table, a really cool bedside cabinet, tents, a christmas tree, and more.

Anyways, we drive around, check things out and bring home what works.  We look crazy (example:  Jesse was sitting on the hood of Christina's car wearing a head lamp), but we find some great stuff!  

Here are a few photos of our recent finds.

vintage suitcases!  Anyone getting married soon?  these would be great in your engagement photos.  why the wombat?  i was looking for practical furniture items.  Christina was looking for anything animal themed. You'll see...

along with the animals, there were pots EVERYWHERE.  we settled on one that wasn't giant and that looked a little bit Mexican.

like i said, more animals.  This is for Christina's door. 

This butterfly....what can i say about this butterfly.  It lights up and sings an asian techno song.  Score. And another animal for Christina.

an illustrated dictionary (it only goes A-K...that's a bit of a problem) and there was a box FULL of cassette tapes!  I started to love Cat Stevens because someone gave me a cassette tape of him and then I spent a lot of time in a car with no c.d. or MP3 player.  So this time we grabbed the Beatles 1's and Cole Porter. 

cleaning a set of drawers that I found that are pretty useful.  Everyone walked by and said 'it looks like...' and then said things like 'siding', 'window shades', 'bee hive'.  side note:  holy heck our building looks ghetto. 

a sampling of our stuff!

ok. let's be honest. we picked up a lot of crap. but we had a lot of fun doing it and so far everything we've picked up is being used.  The dinosaur and wombat and vintage suitcases decorate Christina's room.  I use the set of drawers.  We listen to the cassettes while driving. The butterfly...ok. i don't know how that is being used. It's just weird.  but it's made a lot of people smile so it's been useful that way.

look out for next weeks treasures!


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  1. Can I use the suitcases even though I'm not engaged? :) Lovely pictures, all.