Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is mary.  She is a student on one of the schools we run called a'Discipleship Training School'.  Hers in particular is called a Compassion DTS. 

Mary has a pretty great collection of tattoos and we figured she had some stories for them, so me and Christina took a few photos and asked some questions.

Mary is from Michigan and is 20 years old.

The first tattoo we'll talk about is this one behind her ear.  It's the first two letters of the word 'Christ' in latin.  At one point, it was used by Catholics to identify their faith.

This tattoo is the one that caught our eye the most.  It's colorful and the artwork is bright and fun.  The story of this one starts with a boy.  A little while ago, Mary was dating someone. This someone turned out to not be the right guy for her.  When they broke up, God spoke to her about how she was made for a life of adventure, and the guy she just broke up with was not adventurous.  She got this tattoo as a symbol of the adventurous life she's going to live with God.  Considering she's living in Australia right now, headed to Latvia and Russia to do prostitute ministry, and is passionate about reaching the hard core music scene, I'd say she's living a pretty interesting, adventurous life. 

This is a close up of her adventure tattoo.

She has a storm cloud on the back of one ankle and a sun on the back of her other. This is to signify praising God through the good times and the bad.  

This tattoo commemerates her love of her home state, Michigan.  She says many people in her church have this one.  She loves her state a lot.  I've noticed a lot of people from Michigan do.

You can also the anchor that is behind her other ear.  It's a symbol of hope, which pairs with the symbol for Christ behind her other ear.  So hope in Christ.

This tattoo is her favorite.  She loves what is says, the script, how simple it is, and how you can usually see it. 

This one is a work in progress.  She started out with the outline of a heart, and then later filled in the color.  It was supposed to say 'We only have one heart' but before she went to get the color filled in, she had a dream that it was meant to say 'This is only the beginning'. So that's what she got.  Again, considering the adventure that is starting in her life, this is pretty true.  

She has a few other tattoos planned, but she's not sure when she'll get them done.  She has a friend who tattoos, and she wants to get them done by her. 

Thanks so much Mary for letting us take a look at your artwork and for telling us your stories!

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  1. the bit on the "adventure bound" tattoo was really inspiring. yes thanks for sharing.