Saturday, September 24, 2011

an experiment

so i've just spent the last 72 hours at a wedding. 
a wedding of two of the most incredible people i know. 
how do I know they are incredible, well one of there most amazing characteristics is their humility.. their lack of fear and the way they just welcome you into their lives.
this was an incredible 72 hours. I was inspired by a lot of really beautiful strangers.
and reminded at just how blessed I am to know and have had my life touched by the new married couple.

my experiment. is inspired by their ability to love and to show it abundantly.
i love, and i love a lot. i just fail to show it and ruin most moments when love is around. i especially cringe at physical affection.
but these two.. master the ability to show love. and one of my favourite things to watch is their displays for affections not just for each other but those around them... like when zoe grabs people and nuzzles her face into peoples neck.. or the way evan hugs and does not let go.. ever.  I have empathy and recognize how that makes them both feel and how the other person feels.. and its all good. And i currently live with this guy.. whose genuine affection conveyed in a simple short back rub or if he hasnt seen you in like 5 hours an amazing hug... it completely blows my mind... i thought he just done it to people who like it.. but then i watched and noticed he does it, because he loves with no reserve

my experiment is as follows

my hypothesis is to consider what hugging does to my ability to love people. 

my aim is to show that hugging directly results in the ability for people to show and express affection and therefor create an on going lifestyle that may very well manifest into other forms. more words of affirmation, more capacity to serve, more intimate quality times, being a greater light for the love of Christ and so on

The method: hug people I love.... with a genuine need to show my heart for them. 

I could write about how cheesy this is, but the truth is.. it isnt and i humble myself to admit that..   what I saw at that wedding, what i see in these people was so the workings of God, and anything of God.. I am in. It shouldn't just be humility to run after God, but a whole lot of boldness and fearlessness.

The groom in action... See that love!!

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  1. thanks for this one. i wish i could have been there.