Wednesday, September 28, 2011

courier new

i got a typewriter.  I've been wanting one to write letters with before i go back to australia.  it weighs about 50 lbs so it can't go with me, though it would look great in my room. It was a journey getting this thing.  I've been going through craigslist, which i write about...almost all the time.  1st attempt:  fail. They didn't get back to me, though i sent a ridiculous amount of e-mails that sounded like 'I know i said my last e-mail was the last time I was going to contact you, but...'.  2nd attempt:  at an estate sale found on craigslist.  the lady wanted $50 and i offered her $10.  She did not take it.  3rd attempt:  met up with a stranger at a gas station to purchase, from his white van, this lovely thing.  he was the nicest guy, though him and his wife didn't communicate very well that she had sold it to me at half the price for $7.  anyways,the final piece was getting new ink today and lo and behold, there is a typewriter shop that looks like it's straight out of a movie (wish i had taken a picture) across the street from where i'm working today.  a long haired old man with tattoos helped me find the right one and i am good to go.  it types double rr's and double ff's but i find that all very endearing right now.  I have my grandma to thank for this purchase.  she thought my little whim was worth putting her $20 behind.

it's such a pretty color

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