Monday, September 12, 2011

odd job #3

 for a few hours a week I stop by my grandparents house and make sure things are tidied up and that their food is sorted out for the day.  They have 7 children, so I do a little bit and the rest of them do a lot. While this job is going to be short lived (i started this month and will only do it till I go back to australia, which will be soon), it's been good for me to have this extra time with them as I don't get to see them much.  My grandma is pretty forgetful now and so she asks me the same questions over and over ('when do you go back to school?   Where is it at?  Australia?  Oh!  that is so far! Do they pay you?') and Ernesto encourages me by saying 'you are doing the Lords work'.  Then they watch their Spanish soap operas.  It's been good.

eating lunch

she would be HORRIFIED to know there is a picture of her anywhere without makeup.  this lady always looks so nice when she leaves the house.

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