Saturday, September 3, 2011

odd job #2

I get the weirdest jobs.  When I get home, I get really scrappy getting odd jobs to cover my expenses and to save for upcoming things in Australia.   Thankfully, Craigslist was created. If you don't know what that is, it's an online classified ad where you can browse ads for houses, jobs, items people are selling, etc. from your area.  You may also know it from newspaper headlines like 'Craigslist Killer Found!' and other creepy things like that.  Don't worry!  I stay away from anything where people express a need for 'massages' or 'adult services' and everything has turned out safe and family friendly. 

If you are a faithful reader, you would have read that one odd job I've had recently was assisting at a team building bike charity event.  My main role for that 7 hour job was to time adults riding children's bikes through an obstacle course to see which team was the fastest. Good times. 

I currently browse the Cleveland Craigslist for these things:  1. free things 2. typewriters 3. people giving away air miles or a ticket to Australia (haven't found that yet) 4. odd jobs  5. an iphone that costs $20 (haven't found that either).
My current odd job is working at the Cleveland Airshow for the next three days.  It requires very little skill except being able to speak English and explain things to people.  I stand in trailer that's set up to as an interactive experience complete with ipad like computer things, and I tell people how to watch 3-D film clips on them.  I also tremble in terror all day as the planes do tricks just feet away from me while envisioning one of them losing control and crashing into the United States Air Force promo booth. 

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of me doing this promotion, though now that I've written this post, I may take some tomorrow.  If you are a Clevelander, you should definitely stop by and see me.  Here is a photo of the display in general. 

Look out for 2 more coming:  Me and Alisha possibly working 'Fashions Night Out!' at Saks Fifth Avenue, and me care taking for my grandparents, who predominantly speak Spanish, until I go back to Australia.

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