Monday, October 3, 2011

creative spaces.

i write about my dad a lot on here.  I'm really influenced by him, and I'm just finishing up my most recent time at home with my family, so i'm thinking about them all a lot. i realized how interesting his creative space is tonight.  

in the basement, half of our laundry room is my dad's little workshop.  it's where he paints, sculpts, draws, etc.  here are a few photos. enjoy!

the wide view

a little more specific-the right side

little odds and ends everywhere

like a plastic bag of little bodies, near a princess castle (i'm guessing it belonged to me and my sisters)

not  sure what the plan is with this painting, because he's been at that point for awhile

what is that creepy little thing?  let's look closer...

oh, of course.  it's a little creature made out of various skelaton pieces watching over the creative process.

he loves to draw and sculpt prehistoric animals

darth vader hanging out with his books

finally, one last wider view

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  1. This is hilarious!!! I love it!!! Makes me feel like I could actually become a real artist when I grow up. Thanks, dear.