Friday, October 14, 2011

life in a day

This is killing me.  Both of the recent trailers I've posted recently are playing in Cleveland, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, in the month of November.  You can see this 'Life in a Day' on I think November 4th, and the Elmo documentary on November 18-20.  It's killing me because i was following both of these at home before they got near me and now I'm in Australiaaaaaaaaaaah!  Someone in Cleveland---please go see these. 

now, onto this trailer.  A little while ago, YouTube put out the request for people to film a day of their life and then submit the footage.  They got a ridiculous amount of footage that they edited into a full length movie.  I think i will cry when I get to watch this.  This and the Elmo one.  

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