Saturday, October 8, 2011

to feel. p.s this video may be violent. (it is violent)

Tonight i took a 3 hour nap between 6pm and 9pm. not the brightest idea.
I begun homework and was easily led astray by the big world wide web. 
I found this vimeo channel titled "california is a place". The story telling through some of these films is incredible. but what really caught my attention was this beautiful video below. here is the vimeo link

the lengths we go to, to feel. 

the things we need to do to be vulnerable.

the way we connect.

the way we overcome fear. 

for some reason I knew what they were talking about. 
I think about how many people walk around a shell of themselves. sick with fear like that one guy said.


we've locked ourselves up. for the sake of convenience, for security, for rusting materials and in fear of man and fear of failure..
I once was given a choice to stand on a chair and scream at the top of my lungs, I said no. now I wish I said yes. next time I will say yes. 
cause one day I don't want to have to break faces to feel my heart beat.
although I wouldn't mind breaking some plates at present.

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