Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kez Dawg.

why i am friends with her? she is sweet, smart, creative a little crazy and has a wonderful sense of adventure
She is easy to be around, easy to open up to,  she is deep and wants all the goodness of God.

She is fun, I dont necessarily have to be in a mood to hang with her.. she is always up for easy going fun, unplanned adventures and lots of laughs! coffee, books, art, music.. goodness
Her friendship is amazing, She is so loyal, So committed, She has so much grace and forgiveness for even the jerkiest of people, she gives with out the need to receive. she is soft to others and cares furiously for the justice, hope and happiness of other...
i love her and i love her friendship.
She contributes to this blog occasionally as well. 

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